About Charlie Duncan Saffrey

I do words. Some of the words are funny. Some are clever. Some are both. Some are probably neither.

In 2013 I started stand-up philosophy, a monthly live philosophy show in London which I host.

On this blog I write about philosophy, politics (including feminism), comedy, art and education.

I live in East London with a small collection of seashells.

Should you want to get in touch for any purpose – writing commissions, gig bookings, objections, elicit romantic liaisons etc. – then my email is csaffrey@yahoo.com.

ps I am not to be confused with Charlie Duncan the christian folk singer from South Carolina. He owns the “charlieduncan.com” url, but my blog gets more hits. Not sure whether this makes me cooler or just petty. (I’m sure he doesn’t mind. After all, I’m the one that’s going to hell.)

pps I am also not to be confused with Charlie Duncan, the baby from Disney’s horrible, horrible sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’. Although I would have thought by this point that would be obvious.