day 15: two weeks would be enough

Four gigs today; and the one that sucked was my own.

I had a great gig at the Comedy Manifesto; it’s such a fun show to do and I very nearly won the thing. I also had a lot of fun at Nick Hodder and Luke Graves’ gig in the Royal Mile Tavern, where I pulled my ‘big butts’ puns/mental breakdown out of retirement and the audience really seemed to go for it.

But then the stand-up showcase was a disaster. I was ill anyway, and between Timmy and myself we hardly flyered at all. I didn’t have the energy to set the room up right and I did not compere well at all. Rachel had been concerned about her voice and needed to save it for the Flashback so pulled out; Sarah Campbell admirably stepped in, only to find that a big chunk of the audience – who were still cold from my compering – had just come out of her own show and she was forced to pull out the ‘B-list’ material. Timmy was ill too and didn’t really hit much home, and even Joel Dommett seemed to struggle a bit. Still, he did at least tell his side of the piss-drinking story from the previous day, which was fun to hear.

To be honest, I’m sick of compering now. I’ve improved so much at it just by doing it every night – the kind of thing I’d have like to be able to do ages ago but couldn’t – and I feel pretty comfortable running the night now. I just need a break so that I don’t keep hating it.

The Flashback show went well, though, apart from having a crazy shrieking man who made bizarre noises in the final singalong. That was a bit of a distraction; but apart from that, it just blurred into all the other shows. And I’m tired of them all.

I need a break. My sister Jen left this morning, and part of me wishes I could have got on the train with her.

But the festival’s still going for another week, and there is still a lot of work to do.

Comedy Manifesto: 7

Royal Mile Comedy Club: 7

Stand-up Showcase: 1

80’s Movie Flashback: 6

Overall: LOSE


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