day 3: when you put all your eggs in a little black oblong basket

The first thing I heard yesterday morning was my alarm ringing on my iphone. I am a little bit ashamed to be an apple junkie because I have a nagging feeling that neo-marxists are supposed to be above commodity fetishism; but I still love my iphone more than I love, well, quite a lot of my friends. Particularly because I always struggle with waking up (particularly in Edinburgh when I’ve been up till after four analysing the problems of a bad performance), and I have an app which can tell exactly what state of sleep I’m in and wake me up gently with a really lovely sound. So I woke up, enjoyed the sound and then went back to sleep.

I was woken a little bit later by the equally lovely sound of Nan calling to say good morning, which even at 11am was still a little bit later than I was ready for, but it got me awake at least.

My phone came in handy again (sorry if this is sounding like an advert) for timing a flashback rehearsal. I got them to run the show at double-speed with massively exaggerated gestures, which was incredibly useful: the pace and energy of the show were instantly improved, and it also gave us more opportunities to spot and trim a few of the flabbier lines. Everything felt better when we’d trimmed it to forty minutes, and after the disappointment of the night before, it was good to feel excited about the show again.

Then I got a call from Luke Graves, to remind me about a gig I was booked for at the White Horse at four. I wheeled out my old ‘erotic story’ material, and that did okay even if it’s still too long. That’s okay, I thought – I’ll re-edit it on my phone.

Also in the gig were Nick Hodder and Mark Simmons, who are both very funny, so I pulled out the phone again, found some empty slots for them in my showcase gig, and booked them. Just as I was doing that, my phone rang again: it was Mark Restuccia, calling to check the location of the showcase gig which I’d booked him to open that night.

The gig itself was absolutely lovely – I hardly had to do any compering at all, just kept getting the acts on (who were all brilliant and James Sherwood closed with I Would Do Anyone But You which is a great show closer), and everyone had a good time – by the time the crowd were leaving to the sound of the Primitives song ‘Crash’ (again, straight out of my phone and through the PA) I was full of hope and excitement for the rest of the run. So, after a quick chat and a drink with the other acts, I got down to the Just The Tonic caves, where I got my phone out again, opened wordpress, checked a few emails and facebook messages and wrote yesterday’s blog.

Rik called me when the others arrived, and I told them about the showcase gig and they all touched me. ‘Touch the luck’, they said – and I felt like I was having a lucky evening. After another quick phonecall, I went to tech the show. I had my phone with me still, ready to flash at the stage if the energy dropped again; but it wasn’t a problem. The energy was so high throughout that it wasn’t necessary – and not a single person walked out.

After the show, we all sighed a huge sigh of relief. It felt like it had been a good day, a lucky day. As I left Just The Tonic, I decided to grab my phone one more time, and post a facebook message to say what a great day it had been.

So for one last time, I put my hand in my pocket and reached for my phone.

But it was gone.

Showcase: Audience 48, Performance: 7

Flashback: Much improved

Overall: would be a win; but with the phone thing it’s a LOSE


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