I’ve got a kind of routine for this time of year, nowadays.

The school year ends and then, just before I go to Edinburgh, I spend two weeks sleeping in different parts of the world.

There’s a few reasons for this. The most obvious one is that I only have these few weeks to spend any time at all with my friends and family, so I have to fit trips into Northampton, Wales, and whichever part of the UK waterways network my Dad has taken his canal boat to, as well as any other trips, abroad or otherwise, that I might have planned. But I’m also exhausted. And so I go to a place, and spend most of the time in a kind of dozy haze, get on a train to the next place, snooze all the way, and then sleep again when I arrive.

The sleeping’s not a problem, though, compared with how good it is to be moving. Partly because it’s good to get out of London at this time of year – it’s hot and sticky and it stinks (any Londoner who tells you London doesn’t stink in the summer should probably move to a less boring part of London).

But mainly, just moving around is good. Some people are itinerants by nature, and I get edgy staying in one place too long. There’s no way I’d have lived in London for this long if it weren’t for the fact that a) London has whole worlds to explore in it, b) doing stand-up quite frequently gets me all over the country in the evenings, and c) teachers get these kind of holidays where it’s actually possible to go places sometimes.

I’m also taking a kind of perverse joy in the fact that I suppose I’m technically homeless at the moment. I moved out of my house and I’ve been staying this week in my sister and brother-in-law’s flat in Stoke Newington. Which is very nice of them; plus I like Stoke Newington; plus it’s saving me some rent money…

That’s money that I need for other things, after all: tonight I went down to King’s Cross station and picked up so many pre-booked train tickets that I couldn’t close my wallet again afterwards. That was good.

Tomorrow I’m getting an early train up to Banbury, where my Dad’s boat is. It’s not far to travel but it will do for now. Then we travel down the canal, southwards.

Perhaps it’s genetic…


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