return of the mac

I’m back.

I’ve been without any kind of computer for the last few days – thanks to a dangerously burned-through macbook charger cable – and it drove me nuts. This was especially infuriating because, having not blogged for ages, about a million ideas for great blogs popped into my head and I badly wanted to write, but just couldn’t get them down. By last night, I finally gave up and spent fifty bloody quid on a new macbook charger cable.

Which means that now, of course, I can’t remember a single thing I wanted to write.

Still, I want to start writing this blog more regularly again. This is mainly because I’m going up to Edinburgh for the festival again in two weeks time, and I will BADLY need it when I’m up there.

In fact, what seemed last year to be the documentation of a gradual slide into Edinburgh insanity, was probably the only thing that actually kept me sane. (If you didn’t read any of my blogs from last year’s run, but really want to – for whatever reason – they start here.)

So anyway, I will try to keep blogging every day through the festival again. This year’s Edinburgh will probably be very different, though, for the following reasons:

1. My act has improved so much in the last year that I’m not scared of it any more;

2. Rather than doing the kind of Scurvy ‘lunchtime’ shows which I worried so much about the quality of – and about my own quality in them – I’m just doing one evening showcase show (which I will be co-promoting with the very lovely Timmy Manners), and doing my little cameo role bit in the 80s Movie Flashback show;

3. I will be living with Rik, Fraser and Rachel from the Flashback, who are all phenomenally laid-back, easy-going people to be around. Which is not to say that Tony and Loz weren’t brilliant to be around as well (they were) but it might be a little less…alcoholic.

So, Edinburgh should be fun.

On a separate note, it’s worth mentioning that the last ever Scurvy Wednesday happened successfully – and without melodrama – the other night. James Sherwood and Andy Zaltzman did Edinburgh previews; I didn’t even perform.

Which was fine; after all, I have no shortage of stagetime coming up…


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