on karl edrik

So now Karl Edrik is dead. Apparently they found his body out in Goa. I don’t know exactly how he died and I’m not prepared to speculate.

I don’t want to say too much about it because I don’t want to get a reputation for just writing about dead or dying comedians. But I’m quite sad about it. So I will say this about Karl:

1) We started out in comedy at the same time. We did our first ever stand-up course and our first few gigs together. His material back then was terrible (as was mine), but something about his style made the material almost irrelevant. He was just ridiculously confident and ballsy.

2) His ballsiness wasn’t a stage act; in fact, I think he was borderline crazy. But he went full throttle at life, he was amazing to go drinking with, and he had stories that made me blush. I like to think he was also outgoing enough to make sure plenty of those stories are still out there knocking around. It would be a tragedy if they go to the grave with him.

3) I haven’t seen him since Edinburgh last year. We were doing shows in the same venue, and in the first few days he said, give me a call and we’ll go for a beer. But because it was Edinburgh, and everything gets in the way of normal planning, I never did. I’m sad about that. And I’m sad that I won’t get to make up for it.

Sorry, Karl.



  1. I was out in Palolem with Karl i met him there he was a great guy, i must have left a couple of days before this happened. Does any one have any information.

  2. Thanks for writing this…I am feeling sad and shocked as I just googled Karl on a whim and read the news.
    I met Karl at a fasting retreat in Devon, of all places!! I know that he did a few of those.
    I never forgot him. He left an impression on everyone there. I always had in the back of my mind ”must go and see his shows one day”. I am sad, very sad, to hear this news, but also pleased/privileged to have met Karl at all. Great guy.

    rest in peace Karl

  3. I just learnt of Karl’s death yesterday. I was friends with Karl (who I knew as Rik) for many years and he was a most wonderful person, so full of life, always throwing himself into different projects, learning at a super fast rate, the way he lived his life. He was a true friend, honest, kind and always very very loving. My memories of him are vividly alive and the times we spent together seem as close as yesterday. Rik is still alive and smiling in the heart of my mind and he will never be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to have known him as a friend. He would not want us to be sad, I know he only would want us to celebrate his life and cherish his memory.

    • Lovely, I knew Karl as well, he had his demons, but was there for me, 3 years on now, keep RIP, miss you, join you soonish x

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