tonight’s scurvy

Scurvy Wednesdays is a beautiful gig.

It was quiet tonight – very, very quiet, in fact there were only seven proper audience members – but those seven (all regulars) were so lovely that the night went really well.

I didn’t perform; I was too tired from the trip up north, I’d just got back to London, I hadn’t written anything, and everyone in the room has heard all my standard stuff before, so it wouldn’t have been a good idea. But for the first time there, I really enjoyed just watching the show.

In particular, I have to say, I really enjoyed watching Steven Hill. In front of an audience so small it would have been tempting to underplay it; but Steven went for the full screaming, slightly demented energy and it really injected something into the room. He is – in a bunch of ways – someone who, every time I see him, and I think without ever intending to, sets goals that I’d like to emulate but never can.

At the very least, he – and all the other acts – deserved a bigger audience. Knowing how these things go, the 3rd March show (which I can’t do) will probably be packed…