well, that was brilliant

So having arrived back in London again, I can safely say that this weekend was pretty much perfect.

I woke up this morning feeling massively hungover, which is probably a good sign that yesterday was fun; not only did the show go really well – if anything, even better than the night before – but the whole day had been pretty nice. Fraser persuaded me to try out going to a Tanning Salon (which I never thought I’d do but which was AWESOME. It’s like being out in the sunshine for a few minutes and then you come out feeling really happy!); I had one of the nicest cappuccinos I’ve ever had in the Crumblin’ Cookie, (the venue where the show is, and which is run by some properly lovely people); we had dinner in Nando’s… And then the show had such an enthusiastic audience that it was impossible not to feel good after that.

And then we all went out and got trolleyed again.

If anything now, though, it makes it a little strange and sad being back home. Comedy festivals take you so far out of normal reality that suddenly being back at home in in my little room in Finsbury Park, on a Sunday night, thinking about going to work tomorrow and trying to book some more gigs for later in the week, is a little weird.

It’s been especially weird not speaking to Nan since she flew out on Friday – she is, more than anything else, my closest friend and the idea of not being able to really call her or talk to her for the next few months is a sobering thought.

It’s going to be a sobering week, perhaps.


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