why you should never google yourself

My name is Charlie Duncan, and I am a London-based stand-up comedian. I am not a Christian folk singer from Columbia, and neither am I a rent-boy.

Why say this?

Well, I try not to, but I couldn’t help it – I googled myself this morning and this is what came up:

I am a little bit concerned that Google considers the myspace page of the other Charlie Duncan to be of more interest than mine (I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but his music is grotesquely banal).

But I’m more concerned at the quote it decided represented me best, which was admittedly a bit of dodgy thing to write even in the context of this blog but is, if anything, worse when torn out of context to say “this is who this bloke is.”

I imagine the other Charlie isn’t that keen on it either. Though if anything, that makes me kind of hope that it never changes…(*cackles mischievously*)



  1. It’s often a difficult experience to see how your online ‘self’ survives, in Google terms. I know of two other Chris Hislops, one being a Scottish roller blader, the other a Portsmouth music producer/reviewer, and I find neither that offensive, although it would be worse if one was a rent-boy! Just hope you, your version of Charlie Duncan, can survive the onslaught and be just as important as the other, lesser Charlies!

  2. My name is Charlie Duncan, and I am a Washington State based Associate Scientist. I am not a London-based stand-up comedian, Christian folk singer from Columbia, and neither am I a rent-boy.

    Well, I just googled myself and found this page on why Charlie Duncan should not google himself/yoruself, doesnt that make it even more confusing? Try WebMii.com it basically googles your name and categorizes it.

    And that quote is priceless…

  3. Thanks Chris and Charlie

    May neither of you ever suffer the ignominy of having your most embarrassing sentence used as a tagline for your identity


  4. I don’t use Google but I just tried this with my preferred search engine. The results were interesting:

    The tenth result:
    Who is Britain’s smuggest person?
    Johnny Lilburne.

    The nineteenth is even worse:
    Supreme scum « John Lilburne

    Context is indeed everything. I guess it could be worse 🙂

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