updating for godot

I saw an advert on the tube last night which said they’re doing another run of Waiting For Godot at the Haymarket Theatre.

As I think I said when I wrote about it before, if you have any interest AT ALL in any kind of literature, philosophy, psychology or performance art – even if you are retarded and don’t like Beckett – then you have to go and see it. Seriously. You have to.

There’s a few cast changes (Roger Rees has replaced Patrick Stewart as Vladimir and, believe it or not, Matthew Kelly is doing Pozzo. At first I thought this might mean Ronald Pickup would emerge through a cloud of smoke to announce, ‘Tonight, Matthew, I will be playing Lucky’. But it won’t – it seems Kelly has gone back to being a serious actor nowadays, and he’s good at it).

The main reason you have to see it, though, is still McKellen as Estragon. He was phenomenal before and he still will be.

You can get tickets in the cheaper seats from £16 here, and if you don’t have a job then you might even be able to get tickets on the day for £11. Considering I paid £50 in the summer and though it was worth more, this is a total bargain.

I’m going again. Anybody wants to come, let me know…


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