excuses and awakeness

I think it’s time I start blogging properly again – I’m sure everyone who was reading this blog in August has stopped checking for updates now, but I’ve had other things in my brain (teaching, the recording of another firefly record, other issues) that didn’t have much place in a public forum, so I couldn’t really write. Sorry about that.

Anyway, my blogging muscle has been kicked sharply back into life by a few things – the first is that I’ve had a few things brewing that I want to write about; the second is having chronic insomnia, combined with seeing that the brilliant Nat Luurtsema has decided to channel her own insomnia into a very entertaining blog, which I think is a far better use of insomnia than what I’ve been doing with it (i.e. reading Shakespeare and Walter Benjamin and drinking huge quantities of chamomile tea in a desperate attempt to lull myself back to sleep).

I’ve actually been trying to find a reason for the not sleeping. I always used to sleep brilliantly; I’ve pinned the start of it down to the beginning of the Edinburgh festival. So I asked myself, what happened back then that might have caused it? I thought maybe it was that I deleted the football game off my phone, which I used to play too much of in the evenings but which I deleted so that it wouldn’t distract me in Edinburgh. So I put the game back onto my phone and tried playing it before I went to sleep; it didn’t work, I just stayed awake and played it more.

I told a friend about this, and she suggested that maybe I was committing the classic post hoc fallacy: that maybe the cause of the insomnia was not deleting the football game, but that I then spent a month in Edinburgh systematically destroying any regular sleep pattern I used to have by staying up till ridiculous o’clock in the morning almost every night and now my whole circadian rhythm was nadgered.

She may be right.

Anyway, the point is I’m back and I’m awake.

So there we are.


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