ideas for next year’s edinburgh

The ideas for interesting shows to do at next year’s fringe came pretty thick and fast during the festival; most of these are not my ideas but emerged from conversations with Loz and Tony. Still, I feel they should be documented so the ideas are not lost…

  • Comedy Pro-Evolution Challenge: where we set up a playstation and a huge screen in the venue and get comedians to take on the public at computer football. Possibly featuring a special guest commentator comedian each day, possibly James Sherwood with his brilliant joke about the name of the game ‘pro-evolution soccer’
  • Nick Helm and Brett Goldstein Freestyle Rap For An Hour: it would maybe be a little bit like Richard Coughlan’s 24-hour freestyle rap, only it would happen more than once and wouldn’t get a bit dull and weird after an hour. With me on the beatbox
  • Balls-out Stand-up: a normal stand-up showcase, but none of the acts wear trousers or pants. This MUST NOT be referenced or acknowledged at any point in the show 
  • The Tempest: advertised as Shakespeare’s best play (my opinion), but the audience arrives to see a biographical tale of the life of stand-up comedian Adam Tempest

More ideas to follow…


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