the recovery position

I guess it takes a few days to recover from Edinburgh.

I’d quite like to just lie down and let my liver re-metabolise, but that’s not really possible – I’ve come back to a heap of work, a giglist that needs filling, and a slightly cool relationship with a girlfriend I have woefully neglected.

And also – Why did nobody tell me Ted Kennedy had died? I completely missed it! And then I was sad. It really is like having been living in a bubble for a month, or like some kind of fantastical dream that I’m just waking up from and discovering that things are depressingly back to normal.

It didn’t help that on my second night back I actually did have a gig booked; the truly delightful ‘Party Piece’, run by the truly delightful Tom Webb, in Stoke Newington. Annoyingly, instead of doing the tried and tested set that I’ve been honing in Edinburgh, I got distracted by Tom and Joel Dommett’s idea of trying to get a shout of ‘ULTIMATE PUNCHLINE’ for a joke. The result was that I went hunting for the silliest, most punchliney joke I had. Inevitably, I ended up in an ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’ cul-de-sac. Oddly, it got laughs that the Edinburgh audiences weren’t giving it, though I still wished afterwards that I’d just done my normal routine…

When I got home, I found that another review had been published:

Circling The Drain: Scurvy Comedy Present Mankind’s Inevitable Spiral Towards Total Destruction – Free

To say that this outing felt like a complete waste of time would be both unfair and inaccurate but the truth isn’t too far away. With the exception of Lawrence Francis’ catchy and entertaining song about the embarrassment of having to explain to a computer technician how a virus was caused by looking up you-know-what on the internet, the material from the other two comedians, Charlie Duncan and Tony Dunn, was repetitive, dreary and virtually devoid of punchlines. On the rare occasion a promising joke was delivered, it was bizarrely finished off, and subsequently stripped of any success or credibility by overly vulgar punchlines. My advice to Mr Francis – go solo.
Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 7 – 30 Aug, 1.15pm (2.15pm), free, fpp35.
tw rating 2/5

VIRTUALLY DEVOID OF PUNCHLINES? What could they possibly mean? Oh, right…

Still, at least Loz is vindicated. It must be odd to be called, within the space of a few days and by the same publication, both “worse than awful” and “catchy and entertaining”.

I’m sure he’ll cope with the inconsistency.

Anyway. The recovery is underway. Just need to take it easy for a few days…


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  1. We prefer to think of it more as a medium than a publicaiton. Like a rooftop or twitter.

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