and the results are in…

I got back in to King’s Cross yesterday afternoon, completely zombified, and it was fucking sunny. Hot and sunny – as if to say, this is what you could have won, if you hadn’t been off chasing unattainable dreams…

Still, there are a few things worth mentioning.

The first is that now I’m back, I need to book some more gigs. So if there are any promoters out there who want a massively improved Charlie Duncan to perform at their shows, please get in touch. I am now in the position where I could be billed as ‘critically acclaimed’ (on condition that the rest of the bill is “mediocre”).

Secondly, the number of views to this blog has inexplicably rocketed, from about two per day before the festival to 101 so far today. Who are you people? Have you nothing better to do? Or are you just one scary and obsessive internet stalker? If so, get in touch. I like the attention.

Thirdly, a few people have asked me about going to Edinburgh – was it worth it, they’re asking?

Yes. Emphatically, yes.

Even quantitatively speaking, when I counted up the days where I’d put ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ at the bottom of the blog, I’ve ended up with 15 ‘Win’ days and only 6 ‘Lose’ days. Admittedly, the ‘lose’ days felt truly horrible. Gut-churningly, sickeningly, sleep-losingly horrible. And even some of the ‘Win’ days didn’t exactly make me feel happy, exactly.

But one or two of those ‘win’ days were so exhilarating that everything else was irrelevant: the hard work on my act, the fall-outs, the fluctuations of acceptance and rejection, the fact that I know I’ve made friends I can only miss; all of it was worthwhile, because there were times that were genuinely fulfilling. The horrible feeling of the bad days will go and leave me with memories of a very happy festival.

When Nan saw my tired face last night she said, “Please don’t do this again next year. It’s eaten you.”

But, I tried to explain, it was worth it.

If the last few weeks ate me, I just hope I was delicious.


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