day 18: fulfillment

It finally happened last night – I spoke on stage with a voice that felt genuinely natural and funny.

I don’t even know why; a few things happened before that yesterday, but it’s hard to say if any of them made a difference:

1) The lunchtime gig was pulled – Loz had got his train back to London early in the morning, and Tony had a particularly late night the night before, so I was the only one available and I had only had about three hours’ sleep. I escorted the small audience upstairs to see Mason, Carroll and Graves (who are all genuinely lovely and Luke Graves bought me a coffee after the show); and I did nothing in the afternoon, so by the evening I had a comedy itch that hadn’t yet been scratched;

2) I bought a black corduroy jacket, which felt nice and comedian-y; and I bought a little (and kind of tacky) ‘viking rune’ neck thing with a symbol on it that apparently meant ‘fulfillment’. And I wore that and the jacket for the evening;

3)  I had a very nice time doing a little slot at ‘Jokes From The Underground’ (James Mason and Michal Grobelny’s gig at Edinburgh City Football Club), for four Australians, right before doing our show, which was a great little warm-up.

I don’t know which of these things did it; maybe it was none of them, maybe it was the fact that I know my routines now and am relaxing into it; maybe it’s the general feeling of happiness that comes from being in Edinburgh, making new friends; It’s hard to say.

But my voice just came out, and it got really good laughs. I think it was definitely an 8.

And then I went home happy, watched Match of the Day 2 with Tony and some chocolate hobnobs, and got the first early night I’ve had in ages. It was great.

CTD: Audience – small; Performance – irrelevent

Jokes From The Underground: Audience – small (5 people); Performance – nice, just messing about. (7/10)

SSS: Audience – all seats full; Performance – best yet. (8/10)

Other Stuff: good to have a day and a night recovering…

Overall: WIN


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