day 17: loz’s last day

I hadn’t had anywhere near enough sleep when I got up yesterday morning; I was hungover, my head and (inexplicably) my left hand ached; and yet, our final lunchtime show with Loz was the best yet.

It was also the best collection we’d taken yet – there was something like £130 in the jar at the end.

I celebrated by going home and going to sleep until 6pm.

That meant, of course, that I was pretty groggy for the evening show, in which I was pretty lame. The first show had been done on adrenaline – there was none left for the evening, so I started just about competently (though they didn’t go for the ‘fisting’ joke) but then I flagged after about three minutes. Added to which, the audience (with the exception of Tony’s lovely friends who were there) were pretty tough – Tyson Boyce, whose wonderfully dark material had ripped the roof off the other night, did about ten minutes to almost complete silence, but it is to his immense credit that he did not flinch or back down on a single line.

After that, me and Loz went to see Rhod Gilbert at the Pleasance Grand, which is a horrible venue for comedy – it has everything wrong: high ceilings so all the laughs disappear into the sky, too big a capacity, it takes too long to get 750 people in and out…and yet Gilbert’s show is superb. Not as tightly written as his earlier material, perhaps; but brilliantly plotted and performed.

Afterwards, we sat in the City Restaurant (which, despite its fancy title, would be more accurately pronounced by Sean Connery. Say it to yourself a few times and you’ll get what I mean) and ate chips.

I thought, It’ll be odd without Lawrence here; there may have been equal extents to which he was simultaneously driving me a little bit mad and keeping me a little bit sane, but there is no doubt that I’ll miss him being around. But if if he didn’t have to go back to work, he’d be doing the right thing by going home. The festival is too long to work this hard and stay sane. Rik and Fraser and Rachel are going home, too, and they were determined to finish with a big night out.

Lawrence was too tired to go out, though; he went home to bed, and I ended up in a scuzzily brilliant live music bar where I chatted to a girl who asked me, what would be a good decade to be at your peak? The 60s, the 70s?

And all I could think was, Right now. I want to be alive right now.

I’m definitely going insane.

CTD: Audience – packed out, right past the doors; Performance – Solid, well delivered (7.5/10)

SSS: Audience – filled the chairs; Performance – laughs throughout but not really good (5/10)

Other stuff: Rhod Gilbert was excellent, obviously. Sad to lose Lawrence though; and I slept a bit too much to really use the day. Plus if I have too many more late nights like this, I’m going to start looking my age

Overall: this has to be a WIN


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