day 9: fatigue

The economy’s looking up and the Tories are squabbling over whether they like the NHS or not (they don’t; they don’t use it and they resent paying for it, but admitting that wouldn’t exactly be a good vote-winning tactic). Yep, fun times in politics.

And if this were a politics blog, I could say more about that.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a rainy city in Scotland, trying to get better at making people laugh, and the whole thing is so incredibly insular that it’s been hard to keep track of what’s going on outside.

It’s so bizarre; things of genuinely great importance are happening all over the world – Obama is looking at a healthcare revolution for the US, car bombs are going off in Kabul, they’re still finding survivors from last week’s typhoon in Taiwan, and I’m spending all my time and energy thinking of how to get drunk people to laugh at the phrase ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie’. What’s wrong with me?

I think if it wasn’t for Nan’s visit, I’d be going completely barking mad by now. She’s going tomorrow, but I think things will be better now that she’s been here. I think.

In the meantime, yesterday’s shows were the best yet, but still not quite perfect. I’ve extended my opening joke about getting reviewed, and it’s quite strong now. Unfortunately that means that when I go into my ‘big butts and I cannot lie’ bit, which is essentially a series of bad jokes, the audience aren’t thinking, ‘his jokes are awful but he’s delivering them with so much lovable energy that we’ll go with it’; they’re just thinking, ‘this isn’t as funny as what he said at the start about that review’. And from there, it’s really hard to go into the exasperated joke-packed breakdown that was doing so well in London before the festival, because it’s premissed on the audience finding the crap puns funny. It’s infuriating.

Still, my goal is still to have a good solid 20-minute-set by the end of the festival. We’re a third of the way in and my 10 is massively improved, but that’s not enough.

There is so much work to be done, and already I feel so tired…

CTD: Audience – full room; Performance – fine, though they didn’t go for the puns (6/10)

SSS: Audience – full room, despite the rained-out-flyering; Performance – good, tight 10 with plenty of laughs, though while they initially liked the ‘big butts’ puns, they didn’t quite follow me and the end was a little awkward. Hmm. (7/10)

Other stuff: lovely to spend time with Nan.

Overall: WIN – but not convincingly enough to be satisfied…


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