day one

First day done then, and with it the first two shows. After getting into the flat, sleeping, getting Tony from the station, beating him 1-0 at pro evolution (though I did play as Spain) and having dinner, we set out for the gig.

We probably should have done more flyering. We got an audience of 7.

Still, they enjoyed the show, my ‘comedy erotic fiction’ seemed to go okay and Patch Hyde and Paul McCaffrey (our lovely guests) both got some laughs from the 7.

Afterwards, Tony went off to do a gig which was being headlined by Stewart Lee; I went to the Laughing Horse New Acts show at the Meadow Bar. Again, the erotic fiction seemed to go okay, if a little muted toward the end, especially since the audience were mainly drunk drama students who had laughed uproariously for the first half of the story. What was nicer was chatting afterwards to some of the other acts about an adaptation I saw of Lady Chatterley’s Lover a few years ago…

I think I’m going to keep ratings of each day I’m here. It’s a clear way of sending myself crazy, but I need statistics so I can tell quantitatively whether this whole thing has been worth it. So:

Scurvy Standup Showcase (SSS): Audience РSmall (7); Performance Рcompetent (6)

LH at the Meadow Bar: Audience – Middle; Performance – competent (5)

Other stuff: Fun

Overall: WIN

But only just. I think if I get more wins than loses, I’ll have done ok.


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