going to edinburgh

Right. Here we go, then.

I’m about to go and get my train to Edinburgh, the overnight sleeper from Euston. It’ll be strange getting the sleeper – usually I sit in the daylight carraige and watch the east coast sail by and the rocks of Edinburgh approach. This time I’ll be getting into bed in Euston Station and getting up at Waverley.

But hopefully, everything about this year will be different – I’m a stronger act this year, I know more people, I have more and better jokes and a better way of telling them…

I’m only a little scared of two things:

1) Living in a two-room flat with Tony Dunn and Loz Francis – mainly because they are both my friends and I’d quite like things to stay like that. Obviously I’ve had arguments with them both at various points this year (which inevitable when we run a comedy club together), but I really hope that our currently good relationship won’t be pushed past the limit when we are running two shows a day and living in a flat together, and having them probably beat me repeatedly at Pro Evolution Football on a daily basis;

2) Knowing every word of every line I am going to say. We did a preview of our ‘triple act’ show, called ‘Circling the Drain‘, on Saturday night, and it went okay but when we watched the video back I was umming and erring all over the place. So I have to be disciplined and know my routines inside out. Especially for the evening show – I want to be really good in the evening show…

I’ll let you know how it goes.



  1. here’s wishing you a truly epic train journey. I’m getting the overnight megabus tomorrow/this evening. Should be amazing…… Well, see you soon!

  2. […] In fact, what seemed last year to be the documentation of a gradual slide into Edinburgh insanity, was probably the only thing that actually kept me sane. (If you didn’t read any of my blogs from last year’s run, but really want to – for whatever reason – they start here.) […]

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