betting on the horse


And for the sake of shamelessly courting needless controversy in order to draw attention to my blog, while ridiculing the idea of the ‘comedy competition’ (without explicitly showing my deep bitterness that I’ve never won one), here is the Charlie Duncan list of odds



Helm and Taylor 4/1 (because they stormed their semi-final and are more fun than jellywrestling)

Kai Humphries 4/1 (beat a very strong semi-final lineup, beating Fergus Craig and knocking out Joe Bor, Joel Dommett, Tom Goodliffe)

Joe Lycett 5/1 (also won a very strong semi, knocking out Tania Edwards, Mark Simmons, Joe Baker)



Fergus Craig 7/1 (Hackney Empire new act champion, came 2nd in a ridiculously strong semi.)

Sam Gore 7/1 (a big hit in the Manchester/Yorkshire circuit, though he won the semi with the weakest – on paper, at least – lineup)

Jason Patterson 10/1 (won his heat, very charming and confident, frequently does well. Likely to get a placing.)

Alex Maple 14/1 (Lovely act, won his heat but might be too laid back to upstage the likes of Helm + Taylor )

Tony Dunn 14/1 (strong runner up in the semi despite going on first, killer material, big Scottish face)



Lady Garden 25/1 (Hackney Empire finalists but would have to do something special to win this)

Andrew Ryan 25/1 (Affable Irishman, was a runner up in a very strong semi, but would have to pull off a surprise against the big guns to win)

Mike O’Donovan 25/1 (lovely stage persona and deserving finalist; like Alex Maple, may be too laid back to storm in a competition final though)

Lambros Fisfis 30/1 (Very funny, but as the 2nd placed act in one of the weaker semi-finals would be a surprise winner in the final).

Martin Hill 30/1 (great ranting which could get a great response on a big night if he brings the room with him; but was only 3rd placed in his semi so has to be ranked as an outsider)


If anybody wants to place any bets with me, they’ll have to do it on the sly seeing as how as I’m not a licensed bookmaker. But feel free to ask for my bank details. (A payout is not guaranteed under any circumstances. Alex Petty, other employees of Laughing Horse and their families are not eligible to enter.) 


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