the point of this

So having written all that stuff last night, I’m thinking I should probably establish the purpose for which I am going to write a weblog. After all, they are (as a general rule) entirely pointless entities that everybody in the world ignores and do nothing but burn energy and clog up the internet.

There’s a few reasons, I suppose – they’re mostly covered by Richard Herring in his ‘warming up’ thing, so they don’t need repeating. And if a person wanted to read a blog by a successful, respected stand-up who regularly performs brilliant shows, then his is definitely the one to read.

My blog will not be like that.

Firstly, because I’m at that stage where, I am neither brilliant nor really respected – I’d like to finish that with a ‘yet’, but there are no guarantees I ever will be. At best, I could be called ‘promising’. I’ve been performing, on and off, for about three years and I’ve done some really good gigs but I’ve never really found a consistent voice, or a routine that audiences love (I used to have one but it involved carrying huge newspaper hoardings around and I figured that if I can’t do it without stupid props then I shouldn’t be doing it at all).

Arguably I haven’t worked hard enough or been committed enough – but I’m 30 in December, so if I don’t really put the effort in now then I probably never will. In the next few months I will be preparing for the Edinburgh festival where, with two other aspiring performers, I will be doing a 25-day run of shows for the first time. That will either be good, or it won’t be. 

So this blog will hopefully go some way towards documenting either a gradual curve towards success, or a long, slow decline into disappointment, failure and wrist-slashing. Either way, this is the big push and I want it documented – either as an inspiration to the millions of adoring fans who will, in 10 years, want to know how it all happened; or as a record for myself on my deathbed that, well, at least I tried.

Secondly, it will be different because in addition to stand-up, I’ve got other things I’m interested in. In particular, philosophy and politics. My day job is teaching teenagers about these things. So if I stick a few thoughts in that are not directly related to stand-up, then I hope you will forgive me/ignore it/find them a pleasant distraction…


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